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Put a ring on it? No way, more older singles say

By Janet Siroto

Pepper gives insight on why Americans are shucking marriage today more than ever before.

“…Often, the conditions of past marriages were painful enough and difficult enough that they are loath to re-enter that fray.”

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How to avoid Thanksgiving family drama.

When it comes to politics at the dinner table, Pepper’s advice: “There’s no advantage to talking about politics at Thanksgiving. It’s fraught with danger…Not that it’s not important, but you don’t need it that day. You can do whatever you want to do the other 364 days of the year.”

Read the rest of Pepper’s advice to defuse family conflict in this new Right as Rain article by UW Medicine.

Let’s talk about sex.

Pepper sits down with the people at Lovehoney to talk about all things erotic, romantic, and…well…sexy!

Get some practical tips and fun ideas from one of America’s most prolific sexologists.

Lovehoney interviews Pepper Schwartz, PhD

Zestful Aging: Why we study relationships and age together.

Pepper sits down with Nicole Christina, LCSW, for her podcast Zestful Aging to talk about why we need the field of intimacy research, how much is at stake for the modern day woman, and how sex and love is (and is not) different at different ages.

Zestful Aging with Pepper Schwartz, PhD

Help Keep Sex Research Alive!

Endowed Professorship in Dr. Schwartz's Name


Fundraising progress through May 2018

Help us reach our goal!

The University of Minnesota is instituting an endowed professorship in Dr. Schwartz's name. This professorship ensures that the study of aging and sexuality continues regardless of varying sociopolitical climates. Without these funded, endowed professorships, studies on sex and intimacy will become more and more rare, especially those focusing on often overlooked populations like older adults. If you can donate anything to the cause, please do! If giving money is not an option for you, sharing this link and the video above to spread the word is also incredibly helpful!

"An endowed professorship in sexuality and aging will ensure the ongoing sustainability, growth, and success of our bold three-pronged mission to: 1) Expand scientific research in positive sexual health and clinical care for older adults 2) Improve education about aging and sexuality for healthcare providers 3) Provide accurate information and positive attitudes about sexuality among aging people through the media PHS named this professorship to honor Dr. Pepper Schwartz for her lifetime of contributions to the field of sexual health."

-University of Minnesota


New book on gender!

Springer Publishing has released the Handbook of the Sociology of Gender featuring Dr. Schwartz and co-author Nicholas Velotta. Their chapter, titled "Gender and Sexuality in Aging", is an illustrative review of the current state of sex and romance in the latter part of the life cycle. Both an eye-opening and well-rounded contribution, Schwartz and Velotta explore the intimate pairings, sexual behaviors, and psychological make-up of America's post-50 population.


Love persists, when we are struggling to.

In a new article featured in the Journal of Aging Life Care, Pepper and co-author Nicholas Velotta examine what love looks like after youth and how long-term care facilities are contributing to a culture of sexual repression in our aging population.

"The Changing Nature of Intimate and Sexual Relationships in Later Life" - Schwartz & Velotta




"Dear Sugars"

Pepper joins the Sugars to dispel myths about sex later in life! Listen in by clicking the link below and pressing play.

Sex & Aging - With Dr. Pepper Schwartz

The 8 Most Common Fights Couples Have (And How to Resolve Them)

The title says it all! Pop Sugar taps into Pepper's experience dealing with warring couples and how to get them to remedy their grievances.

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Looking for love later in life.

With the growing population of Americans reaching retirement age, many unmarried men and women find themselves single and ready to mingle in the later years of their life.

Pepper gives her expert insight on what the dating landscape looks like for our post-50 population and how men and women can optimize their chances at finding The One later in life.

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Oh, Melania...How much more humiliation can she take?

"I don't think she ever imagined that he was going to be faithful to her..."

The LA Times gets Pepper's read on First Lady Melania Trump's choice to stay in what many see as a jocular, unsatisfactory marriage.

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Sex and guilt

Who feels guilt after sex and why? Pepper offers her expert knowledge along with other scholars on why guilt and sex have had a long history with one another and how to move past it in your own sex life.

-Go to The Daily article-

love mix tape

Anatomy of love: A mixed tape

This is your body in love. In a new article, Pepper illuminates what it means to be in love...physiologically. And to top it off, for each of love's physiological reactions there is an aptly named love song to go along with it. Get your Valentine's Day on with this special version of a lover's mixed tape!

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A frugal lover's Valentine's Day

Pepper gives advice for those lovers that are looking for a great gift for their partner on tight budget.

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My Married At First Sight Take-Away: Don't Give Up On Love!

Using our words.

The Aziz Ansari take-away: Talk about sex before having it.

Dr. Schwartz discusses the oft-messy topic of consent in today's polarizing sexual climate in her new Seattle Times Op-Ed.

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What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Along with other relationship experts, Pepper gives readers quick insights into some of the basic constituents of a healthy relationship.

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Pepper sits down with Beth Whitman for her podcast Be Bold to talk feminism then-and-now, the current sexual harassment movement, and her extensive background in women's rights.

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Dating Someone with Dementia

Pepper is interviewed by reporter Nancy Monson and gives tips for those who are dating while also being a caretaker for a spouse with dementia or for those who are dating someone in this situation. A thought-provoking article that touches on the realities of loving someone who develops Alzheimer's and trying to move on in the most caring and respectful way possible. -Go to article-


Tips on finding your perfect match.

Pepper talks about her experiences on Married At First Sight, what to look for in a partner, and what matters long-term.

Listen to the interview on 1150 AM KKNW (Interview Date: 10/17/2017 11:30AM)

PhD Schwartz to present at the

Family Issues Symposium

Along with co-author and research associate Nicholas Velotta, BA, Pepper Schwartz will be giving a lecture at Penn State on October 23 for her forthcoming article: Online dating: Changing intimacy one swipe at a time?

The talk will focus on how online dating has and has not affected the dating and mating game. How did online dating manage to make its way into the mainstream? Do we have a better chance at finding The One in the era of matching algorithms? Who are the most attractive people online...and who are the least? Learn how governments around the world are funding online dating programs to prevent population decline.

The lecture will be followed by an open Q&A session with the experts themselves. And while you're there, check out all the other amazing topics. Like how Tinder may lead to faster marriages and how children using technology changes family roles and rules.

Catch Pepper's Interview with the Eggology Club

Description: Pepper Schwartz of the reality tv show, Married At First Sight joins the girls from Eggology Club to discuss the modern changes of families, relationships, and individualism from the past. Learn about Dr. Pepper‘s secrets and personal story to having it all and how to use current technology advancements to benefit your future.

Bringing back the sexy on Valentine's Day